Refill containers, new purchase power, saves money, zero waste feels great! save our planet

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Efficiency to Supply Chain


Colleen B. Brennan - Lean Architect - Enables new consumer purchase power, current distribution dictates what 

you can buy!

Save Our Planet Refillery (also known as SOP Refillery) is moving suppliers' backend filling containers to consumers' frontend filling/refilling their own desired style and size containers.  This reduces supplier operating costs and consumers product costs by 20%!

Patent Technology

Transforming distribution to enable reduce reuse habits.  SOP Refillery will be 24/7 self serve multi car drive-in refilling station with brand name eco/organic products at wholesale volume (max 20 liters/5 gallon containers).  

Sustainable Future


SOP Refillery wholesale refill containers stops packaging waste, enables Reduce Reuse habits, saves money!

Tell your Retailers:  they need Save Our Planet Systems so you can save money and the environment!

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


24/7 Self Serve Multi Car Drive-In


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